Jemarc (plays Twilight)
Jemarc had met Mitch in person several times before starting up playing the game, though their relationship still seems unclear. Kevin seemingly knows a secret about Jemarc's past, but hasn't brought up any real details about the purple haired man. With his hungry cat Ren by his side, Jemarc wants to keep others from being hurt by Potreblyat.

Mitch (the DM)
Little is known about Mitch's past, the man likes to keep his secrets. However his relationship with Yang is strained at best, and he has been working tirelessly to keep the small group of Unplugged together.

Kevin (plays Virt Baddican)
This poor fellow was trapped alone in a bunker since leaving True Reality. Scanning the radio channels he finally discovered people to talk to other than the woman in his diary. Playing the game has seemed to help pull him out of his shell and heal some of the mental wounds he has suffered. His first foray into the world after his impromptu imprisonment was disastrous and nearly fatal, but now he finds himself attached to the rebellion.

Manny (plays Torrin Gesh)
Manny has lost all of his family to the Overseers, and nearly all of his hope too. Driven nearly mad with anger and anguish he has sought revenge against the destructive corporation that took everything from him. Leaning on his skills from when he was still plugged in, Manny has cared for several dogs (complete with wings!) and nurtured their obedience. Upon finding that there was a rebellion the fire in his heart began to burn even brighter as his need to take on Potreblyat grows.